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Thursday, 15 June 2017


Ever had that saying …When life gives you lemons make some Lemonade.!!

When you think nothing ever works in your favor the first thing you think of doing first is Give up! Well all is not lost. You just need a little adjustment in your attitude. It is not easy because sometimes you feel like you have reached the end.Sometimes life overwhelms us. You can't any more and nothing matters at this point. But Just a little positivity can change your life. Garbage in Garbage out. If you say you can never make it you will never make it.We tend to complain a lot rather than try to see what we can actually do about our situations.Power of the Tongue. " Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. – Proverbs 18:21" I have greatly grown in this saying and  actually came to understand how we hold the greatest powers within us yet we don't even realize it.What we project out of our mouth can kill or make us. Any single word that comes out of your mouth is a blessing or a curse within yourself. Don't build walls on your blessings because all you speak is negativity. The energy you generate within yourself  will say a whole lot about the type of life you want to live.If you say that's too big for me you will never move that mountain. If you speak greatness in your life eventually if not today indeed you will be great . It is never easy. Nothing is easy.Nothing comes easy. It's just how we handle it.It's the focus and our drive that gets us there. You need to avoid all the destruction's that come your way. One destruction can ruin all your goals and dreams and its done. All the successful people in life did not get their wealth in a day. And it was not hard work , first it was their attitude and willingness to get where they wanted to be. that's what I know.

"A formidable power dwells within each of us. This power has changed the course of nations. It is capable of starting and ending wars. And it has made men rich and women famous. It has the means to commend or corrupt—to bless or to blame. It is the power of the tongue." Everyone I look up to have one thing in common,  its their determination , commitment and their drive.I can never let my Guard down. "Don't ever let them see you sweat honey!" On a bad day when I'm feeling discouraged I will sulk for a night probably have a big bowl of ice cream, it never fixes my problems duhh! but it helps a little lol (Does it Really though) but the next day i am done with it. I must have a new plan. I am not the type of person who  dwells on the bad  things that happen in my life. Just get over it Man!!! Move on. A bad situation won't last forever. O.k fine you've had a bad past, your relationship did not work out, You can never keep a stable job, You don't ever feel as aggressive as everyone else, your friends have and are still making it and you haven't yet etc etc. So What? MOVE ON!!!!!!! Its life it happens.You need to let that Shi** go. Free yourself from blaming yourself too much for everything bad or negative that  has happened in your life. Like i always say, be at peace with yourself first then see yourself glow. Just Move on and Start all over again . It's never late to turn pages. The moment I gave myself a chance to prosper in this world it was like a miracle. I have been at peace with myself. I am not fighting with myself anymore. I don't pressure myself with the things I can't do. I have accepted to be where I am with God's timing. Don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter 20. Maybe I am still at 1. And I shall not be at one for the rest of my life because I know I will definitely  make it there. Wherever you are in life with whatever you’re doing – you are  going to be ahead of some and behind others. That’s okay. Own where you are. Take time to embrace and celebrate that. Continue moving forward. We need to accept our positions in life first then plot on how to move to those great heights that we want." Whether it’s running, lifting, swimming, or climbing to say a few, Nobody is a natural born champion… " Lord knows I’m an ambitious Woman! and if you are reading this, you’re probably pretty damn ambitious for yourself.

Infuse your life with Positivity and Action. don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Do the Difficult things while they are easy and great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. To You and Me both "We got a bright future ahead of us" CHEERS!!!!

Monday, 12 June 2017


I don't know. Its like after 21 the dating game Changes completely.The guys with the saggy pants don't amuse you anymore, you can't handle the unnecessary relationship drama , The ohh  "lets go hang out and chill" statement  annoys you. Dating in high school was easy. Remember how  "petty" all that was? and  in UNI it is in fact much  easier because everyone has a Boyfriend. It's the pressure.  If you don't have one  there's something wrong with you which I have never really understand because I  have pretty much been alone since high school 😂😂 (Beat that!). I mean my standards have always been on another level. I thought "funkys" were lame too FYI.These boys couldn't just make the cut & nope girls like me have no issues. We just know what we don't want and we have matured  fast than the normal average girl. lol. Dating in high school and College wasn't and  is not pointless though, you don't have to end up marrying the guy but you can still learn a lot about yourself in those moments. Still it's not for everyone so don't beat yourself up too much when everyone in class wants to talk about their immature boyfriends and you can't Just relate and understand how.
So now you're growing up and still trying to keep up with the dating industry, which you eventually realize  is not as easy anymore . Adjusting to life as it is really (Real life situations Man!)  and meeting different types of people (Men) makes you almost insane because they all come in with their differences. So now you are 23 thinking o.k i am a grown woman looking for a grown man. Mature (Most important)  , Open minded , Responsible how he dresses is the least of your problems as long as he has a stable job and can take you out to nice dinners you're good to go. But that's not all you want , you still don't want a guy who is always talking about "Waaaa we went , we Saw" , We bought a Bottle 😂😂  Blah blah blah Smh. He has chosen his bros over you and can never give you any substantial attention, he wants to play video games the whole day. You literally go to work come back and still find him in that same stupid couch. Then it hits you like Oops! i have actually become the man in this relationship  , he never takes anything seriously, he is seriously hot but so Dumb and super needy and very extremely lazy. Oh the Alcoholic how can i forget. He just drinks and drinks for really no reason at all. Day in Day out all he can think about is Alcohol and he thinks he is super cool for that. Does it ever stop though? Even in their 30s . Does it? The Drinking , the unnecessary cheating. My God. Right and wrong don't mean much to him only personal gain and pleasure and if he gets caught he has a million excuses in his mouth. "Oh i promise I'll change , I'm sorry , It's the Alcohol , I was Tempted by the devil ,Wait What?? So  by Now you're 26 you've dated like four of them with hope of some change. But you're still here. No change at all. And that's the funniest part of it . It does not change. They are not changing. Matter of fact it's getting worse. Now at this age Dates and flowers have become useless to them, All they want is a hit and run situation so they can jump on to the "next". Your conversations are always based on party party party and  how both of you are going to turn it up. A turn up that you will eventually pay the bill for hahahaha! When you bring up a serious conversation about how you want to develop and grow Career or Business wise the excuses begin . He probably doesn't have the same goals as you never has , you've been on the wrong page all along ,but now you're trapped because all your feelings are in. You gave everything , i mean everything you could possibly have to offer  into this relationship but you still hope and tell  yourself that "you love him and can give him more time to change."I know he will change" You say,  but honey you know  he will never change. So you get frustrated and stressed out. But by now you  have had enough and the relationship ends. So here you go again single and broken because of a looser who has now made you a bitter woman. He has blocked you from giving  another good man an opportunity to love you. Because now  you view  all men as same and the Cycle continues, the guys you meet are the same. Same Vibe , Same Restaurants same Parties I mean does it ever change?? Its the same thing. Dating has become so obvious .Men too have become too obvious. So When do you get to meet that creative respectful ambitious type of guy? I just lie to my self and say maybe as I grow up,(you're already grown though) Maybe by the time I'm approaching 30 I'd have met that guy I have been seriously looking for since high school 😂. Then it Dawns on you! there's no Mr Right and if there's no Right I don't want it.
 She is now a discouraged lady who  decides to relax and put all her energy in her work . She has become a workaholic. Everything starts to fall into place for her. Her career/business is doing so well. She can take care of herself. All her man frustrations are now being put into her work. She is the ultimate Strong Woman which a man somewhere finds offensive.What you don't understand though is that you men have created the type of women you see out here. Its not that the woman has become disrespectful rebellious or too full of herself it's just what  another man made her become. Now she knows she can do it by herself ((Thank you). She walks with Poise and as she Drives by in her car , knowing that Everything she has, she is truly working hard for everyday, someone  behind her is heard saying "I bet she got a Man doing all that for her. that's all their good for "

See this world!!. Ya'll got it so Wrong!!

"Do you girl , You are Fire!!! 🔥